Up From the Ashes

Reclaiming God’s Original Design and Purpose for your Life

My greatest desire is for readers to be filled with hope that God can do the unimaginable in their lives

About the Book

Dinah Hodgson looks like she has it all—perfect husband, three great kids, and fulfilling volunteer work. But behind the American-dream persona, Dinah carries dark secrets in her subconscious, ready to spill out.

Up From the Ashes by Dinah Hodgson

Underneath her facade of happiness, Dinah struggles emotionally. When her unhappiness becomes too much to bear, she cries out to God. His response is not what she expects: He leads her to reexamine her tumultuous childhood. Dinah resists—why would God want to bring the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse back to the surface? Even though obedience will be painful, Dinah ultimately accepts that it’s the only way out of her dark place. 

What follows is a journey of reclaiming her destiny as God brings her up from the ashes and into abundant life

What do you think of your here-and-now?

Are you struggling with issues that are overwhelming, with no end in sight? Or are you, like Dinah, pressing on, fully cognizant that even the most “perfect” life has its ups and downs? God can do the unimaginable in your life if you’re willing to let Him. If you allow Christ to redeem the territories of your heart, you too can be led up from the ashes into a life of abundant blessing.

“No true journey to freedom and healing in Christ is ever easy. . . . Dinah helps her readers confront that pain little by little, with compassion and confidence to the end.” 

— J. A. Marx, author of The Silenced Christian Wife

In the Book

Let’s be honest, none of us chooses our family of origin and its dynamics. Don’t get me wrong—I love my family dearly, but what my siblings and I experienced was crazy and wouldn’t even register on God’s scale of His original intent and design for the family. The injustices we experienced would land people in jail if they happened today.

From the moment we are conceived, Satan starts to personally attack each of us in order to destroy the plan and purpose of God in our lives. Just as with the plan to destroy Joseph’s life, Satan has a counterplan for my life and your life so we won’t fulfill the destiny God has for us.

I have found that every experience in life has the potential to either break you or be used as a deep reservoir for the benefit of yourself and others.

My life makes folly of man’s predictions and unearths the reality that there is a God who is real, loves people, and has a purpose, plan, and destiny filled with hope for every individual on the planet. God’s truth has proven over and over again in my life to be real, powerful, personal, and transformative.

I was told by my abuser that if I ever spoke about anything that happened, I would be killed. Or the cops would come and take me to jail, and I would never see my family again. If you know the trusting heart of a child, you understand why these words did not seem like idle threats. They were truth to my little heart, and served their purpose to shut me up.

For years, I didn’t understand the emotional and spiritual impact the details of family background can have on our lives. I do now, the good and the bad. I am thrilled for those who have experienced more good influences, and empathetic to those who experienced bad . . . often far worse than mine. These childhood histories become the foundations of our lives.

I needed Jesus in the driver’s seat of my life if I was ever going to have a successful marriage, be a successful mother, and have a successful life. I knew that surrendering my heart completely to Him was the only way to true life for me . . . and so I asked Christ to become Lord of my life.

I intuitively knew that if I said yes to this journey, there would be suffering. I was reminded of Christ’s suffering on the cross. I’m convinced He was reticent to take the journey to the cross, which He knew would include incredible suffering. Scripture hints at His wrestle between “No” and “Yes” when it records His words: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me” (Matthew 26:39).

Every time someone looked at me as if I was crazy, or quoted Scripture to me—I’m sure with good intentions of turning me back to the right direction of the current—I felt more and more isolated and like a misfit. The doubts and feelings of insecurity washed over me, leading me to question whether I was walking deeper into deception, or if the Lord was really leading me into freedom. It was painful enough to relive and get in touch with my broken heart, let alone doing it amongst external indicators that I was missing it.

Dinah Lee Hodgson with her book and a coffee
Dinah Hodgson

About the Author

My mission is to bring the good news of the Gospel to individuals, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty, open prison doors for individuals as I am used by God to restore individuals to their original design and purpose. My focus is primarily leaders as I have a passion to see them finish their race well.

From early on I have volunteered my time serving in multiple capacities in the church. In 1996, after praying for focus in ministry the Lord led me to Isaiah 61. This has now been a guiding post for my ministry. In 2004, after taking a “Women in Ministry” course, I realized I was actually called to ministry. In 2010, I was ordained. I’ve received my BA in Christian Leadership, my MM in Christian Leadership and Christian Counseling, and currently I’m working on my doctorate. I’ve served in Women’s Ministry, Adult Education, Growth and Leadership ministry, Freedom Ministries, as well as an associate pastor. I’ve worked in the church as well as with Discipleship, Leadership, and Freedom Ministries.